For 2020 we offer you a new way to enjoy the French Divide route. A brand new ITT format. 

What is ITT?

ITT stands for Individual Time Trial.
This means you can ride the French Divide 2020 route without the staff following you but still have live tracking. You’ll be on your own against time.

Why this new format?

For several reasons:
– in 2018 we had to refuse some riders. And in 2019 we don’t want to have more riders at the start to keep the spirit of this adventure low-key, friendly and convivial.
– Many riders were at the start in 2018 knowing that they wouldn’t be able to ride the whole trace in 15 days. With them being out of the time limit, we, the staff could not be there to welcome them at the checkpoints.
– Official dates of the French Divide might not match everybody’s vacations. (August 10-24, 2019)

When can I start the ITT of the FD2020?

From May 23th to August 1th 2019.
You can leave any day, any time.
One condition: have a stamp of a shop or restaurant in Bray-Dunes to validate time of departure.

How does it work?

Exactly the same as the regular French Divide:
– same start in Bray-Dunes
– same 2020 route
– same finish in Mendionde
– same live tracking on Trackleaders

How to register?

Here’s the link to the registration form:  (Coming soon)

Can I ride with friends?

Of course. We only ask you to follow the same self-supporting rule as the French Divide.

So I can ride it in 1 month taking my time? But will it be valid?

Yes. Once you’ve reached the finish in Mendionde and got a stamp from the Restaurant Etchebarne you’ll have to send us your brevet card so we can check your route to validate your journey.

What is in the ITT pack?

– The brevet card
– The patch
– The t-shirt
– Live tracking on Trackleaders
– Membership to the organization managing the event

In option:
– The official 2020 cycling cap with your name on it.
– The 2020 FD jersey
– The SPOT tracker rent
– Registration to Trackleaders (around 20$)
– Postal fees for pack delivery

How much is it ?

ITT Registration is 60€.

With options to add:

– Official 2020 cycling cap: + 30€ (to order 6 weeks before departure for custom cap with name)
– Official 2020 jersey: 69€
– Sport tracker rent: 70€ for 15 days + 4€ per extra day. If you rent a tracker with us, it must be returned before august 5th 2019.
– Pack delivery out of France: +5€, out of U.E +10€

To be informed about the IIT registration opening :

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