Reconnaissance of the route

Day 1 : from Crochte to Orchies – 140 km

Day 2 : Guise, Reims, Condé-sur-Marne – 140 km

Day 3 : Vitry-le-François, St Rémy en BOUZEmont, Montmorency-Beaufort, Lentilles – 150 km

Day 4 : Lentilles, Melisey >>> Lille

A new start : one month later, Sam went back on the trace to finish the reco

First stop, Wine Festival in Chablis

Friends! Swanee, Alain and Lionel joined Sam for a few days

Photos de Swanee et Alain

It’s getting technical: Start from Clermont to the Massif Central !

Massif Central to Saint-Médard, saying hi to Thierry from Bike a Lot