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a new ultra bikepacking race

Just like the Great Divide, but in France. Connecting the northern french-belgian border and the southern french-spanish border. A bike trip mixing cyclo-cross and mountain biking roads following a part of the route of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle and without any assistance.

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Are you ready?

Hello, Alright, we are officially ready to launch a new edition of the French Divide!  French Divide 2017, August 4th to 19th And we are pleased to announce that the pre-registration will open next Sunday, december 4th 2016 at 8PM.  After the success and your enthusiasm of the first edition we decided to triple the […]

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French Divide Riders

Because preparing the journey is already part of the adventure… Participating to such an adventure requires a specific preparation and you are many to shout us emails to receive information about the ideal bike, the necessary equipment, the kind of training, etc. And who else than experienced riders to answer all these questions? This is […]

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(Français) Jour 16 – Le jour d’après

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

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A bit of bike, green and gravel...

... more gravel and another bucket of gravel! Here's a little preview of what you can come across the French Divide trace. Sunrises, sunsets, stones, mud, high weeds, bucolic forests and animals... or whatever there's left!

the french divide team

Motivated to offer you the greatest bike "stroll" of next summer, this trio is working hard on their saddle for the reconnaissance, on gmail, over the phone, on facebook, bikemap and google translate.

Samuel Becuwe

Samuel Becuwe


After two Transcontinental Races I was looking for a new challenge. TransAM and Great Divide are major events in bikepacking but nothing like that exists in France… And then, that crazy idea came through my mind!

Lionel gardebien

Lionel gardebien


My motivation? Offer to all participants the opportunity to ride a trace through beautiful landscapes, to discover french heritage and their own inner self.

CELINE oberle

CELINE oberle


I'm the annoying secretary of the team! And it is with a great pleasure that I take care of the communication, design and translation for this event, that I hope will be memorable!


They are our partners for the 2016 edition.

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