ITT – FD2023

We offer you a new way to enjoy the French Divide route. A brand new ITT format.

ITT: what is it?

Individual time trial: in French, individual time trial.
It is a question of taking the start of the French Divide 2023 without the staff who supervise the official event. You are alone against your time.

When can I start?

You can leave whenever you want, at the time you want.
The only condition: to have a stamp from a Bray-Dunes trader to validate your departure.

How’s it going?

Exactly like the Official French Divide:
– same place of departure in Bray-Dunes
– same route 2023
– same place of arrival in Mendionde

How to register / participate?

The number of places is UNLIMITED.
There is no registration, you can download the patent card directly here

(can be sent by post on request)

Can I start with friends?

Sure. We simply ask to follow the same non-support rules as the official FD.

Can I do it in 1 month then, taking my time? But will this be validated?

Yes, the patent card is for that. A stamp at the start, and at the various CPs and finally, once you have reached Mendionde, the final stamp on your patent card at Restaurant Etchebarne,

Can we have live tracking?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer it!

How much does it cost?

It’s free !!!!!!

With additional options:
  • The official gapette with his first name (€30) to be ordered 2 months before departure
  • The swimsuit (€65)
  • patch and patent card 5€
  • FD t-shirt €10
  • Sending the package by post: €7 France, €15 EU, €25 outside the EU


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