Why the French Divide?

Back to the roots of biking and aventure.

More and more cyclists don’t feel that they match to the spirit of traditional cycling races anymore and we noticed that many ultra-distance mountain-biking events without any assistance are appearing in many countries in Europe:

  • Le Naturaid en Sardaigne : 1100Km et 25000m
  • l’Apulia Bike Trail dans la région des Pouilles
  • l’Italy Coast 2 Coast avec une traversée de la botte italienne dans sa largeur : 500Km 11000m D+
  • l’Italy Divide avec un long périple au départ de Rome jusqu’à Torbole sur les rives du Lac de Garde : 850Km et 15000 D+
  • Alpi Del Mare Trail 250Km et 12000m dans les Alpes Ligures
  • Le Veneto Trail : 500Km et 9000m D+ au départ de San Martino di Lupari avec l’avantage d’un parcours en boucle
  • La Trans Mountains 600Km et 20000m de Cervinia à Finale Ligure
  • la Bear Bones RT – 250Km au Pays de Galles
  • le Highland Trail 550 – 900Km en Ecosse
  • le CAT 700 – 700Km en Catalogne
  • etc.

But for now, no such event in France…

It all started from a conversation between two friends, Samuel and Lionel. They wanted to organize a small bike trip with friends to challenge themselves: the crossing of France on gravel roads.

But then, social media happened…

They reached a couple of friends to find people who would be interested in sharing such an adventure with them and there it happened: a big surprise… Too many people were interested in what was then called the “Ultra CX diagonal”.

What first was a private challenge, became a national event. Samuel and Lionel felt it was a great opportunity and switched their cyclist caps to organizer hats.

Discover the route

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