15 days to ride the route and 3 checkpoints to meet.


The start of the event will be on the first Saturday August, on the Bray-Dunes place with the help of the city of Bray-Dunes.

So we can keep an updated ranking during the race,
the participants must register at 3 different checkpoints.

Checkpoint 1

La ville fortifié sera le 1er CP.

Checkpoint 2

Petit village situé en plein coeur du Parc Naturel régional du Morvan.

Checkpoint 3

Au coeur du plateau du Cezalier.


To be on time for the finishers party, the participants must arrive in the village fo Mendionde in the Pays Basque on Sunday August 21th before noon. We estimate that the fastest racer will make it in 8 days.

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