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The start of the event will be Saturday 5th from 10am to 9pm

How to get my participant’s accessories?
You will be able to withdraw your checkpoint card, your FD 2021 cycling cap and tracker starting Friday August 7th in Bray-Dunes.

What are the mandatory equipments?
Before giving you the French Divide 2021 racer’s accessories the organization will check that you have all the required equipment:

  • 1 helmet
  • 1 yellow jacket (vest, gilet, tabard, you name it) with reflecting stripes
  • lightning kit : at least 1 white light in front and 1 red light on the back (1 headlamp is highly recommended but not mandatory)
  • 1 whistle
  • 1 GPS for the trace

I can see a difference of elevation between my GPS and what you announced. Why?
We announced a distance and an elevation from a precise gps trace. However you might see a difference of elevation between what we announced and your gps device. This difference will depend on the kind of itinerary platform you use.

Can I recharge the batteries of my devices on the checkpoints? 
Checkpoints will be in natural areas so we cannot guarantee this service.

Closest train stations
– Closest train station is in Cambo-lesBains
– Closest high-speed train (TGV) is in Bayonne or Biarritz.

It is free to put your bike in a regular regional train.
It will cost you 10 euros more to put you bike in a high-speed train but it is free if you have it in a big cardboard or in a cover/bag

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