Crohn disease, we all heard about if but we don’t really know what it is… or how it should be spelled.

While Sam was having a hard time during the reconnaissance of the French Divide trace, Betty (his “little sister”, how he likes to name her) recorded a video about the way she was living with her severe Crohn desease. Unfortunately it is only recorded in French but she tells everything about, poop, gaz, her pouch, intimacy, etc. Well anything you could wonder about how a person lives without a functionning digestive system. And we would like to thank her for her honesty and her courage to share this with us.

Don’t be scared, click, watch and share! 

And this is the reason why Samuel and Lionel (the French Divide co-founders) ride with their pink and flashy kits. It is to support DigestScience foundation. So we can finally notice the diseases we don’t see. (And I found a picture of these pretty two in the web archives)

pinkyFor more info about DigestScience:

To make a donation: and you can also help the foundation while pedaling. More info about that if you click on the previous link.

Soooo, when you guys will have a hard time in August while riding the French Divide, just tell yourself that some people wish they could have… a hard one…