Last weekend we went to Bray-Dunes to do some scouting for the start of the FD2016 in August.


blasonWe met with the person in charge of all events at the city hall of Bray-Dunes and they agreed on sharing a space with us for the organisation to welcome the participants and brief them before the departure, on Friday August 5th at 7PM.

We also received the authorization to start the French Divide 2016 at the beginning of the boardwalk at sunrise, with the rooster crow at 6:24 AM. Cocoricoooo !



We also went to the municipal camping located at 300m from the departure location to book two big spots that can welcome 40 persons.  If you wish to plant your tent it will cost you 7.70 euros that you have to pay at the front desk. The showers are 1 euro. There will be power plugs and free wifi in a annexe.

Make sure to arrive before 10 PM at the camping.
Indeed, after this time the night guard will ask for your id and the day team will give it back to you in return of payment, but they only take their shift at 6:30 am and the racers will leave at 6:24am.


On our way back home we rode through the Kemmelberg to check if the cobbles, the slope and the great landscape were still here… 😉

You will find all this important information in a Participant Guide that we will give you with the Agreement and the definitive trace and GPX files end of the week.