This year we did a partnership with Italy Divide and there was a free entry to win for one of the Italy Divide finisher. So here is Daniele Bifulco the lucky one that won his free ticket for the French Divide 2017!

Who is he? Where is he coming from? How does he prepare for this adventure? Take some notes, there are many interesting tips for you, bike packers!

Hi Daniele, could you introduce yourself?
I am Daniele a 35 years old bike tour guide from Viterbo a small city near Rome.

What kind of rider are you?
I like to push my limits every time one step forward, learn from my mistakes and at the same time I love to experience the places where I ride.

What is your bike packing experience? 
I started with bike packing in 2015 participating at Tuscany Trail but I have a longer experience of solo trip on my bike across Europe. I completed many bikepacking races in Italy and I organize also my bikepacking event in the area I come from near Rome, the Lazio Trail.

What about bike packing races or events in Italy?
The bikepacking scene in Italy is growing fast, every region has at least one race or event. There is also a website called Unsupported Bike Adventure where there is a list of bikepacking events.

Can you tell us more about your experience in the Italy Divide? 
I rode the Italy Divide twice but I couldn’t complete the first edition due to problems with my right knee.
So this year I came back and I complete it together with other 3 friends in 5 days.

And how was it to ride with 2 French Divide veterans?
It is always interesting to share routes with riders with different experience and sometimes learn from each other.

What is you best cycling souvenir?
The first time I managed to ride almost 280km non-stop in 24 hours.

What is your training for the French Divide? 
I usually don’t train with a precise  schedule I just go out for riding in my free time.

What bike will you ride for the FD2017?
I am considering to ride my Salsa Fargo but I have also the option of my Bombtrack Beyond+.

What are you expecting from that adventure? 
To be tough and show me places I have never seen.

What would be your advice for the other participants?
Enjoy every single moment even the toughest.

Do you have any sponsors?

Thank you Daniele for sharing this with us and see you soon at the start in Bray-Dunes!