There’s a whole story behind these small bottles of chain wax!

You might have missed it last year so here’s the first episode of that story:

But this year we do know this man’s name that was on vacation in Mendionde. It is Jean-Didier MARTIAL, director of Boeshield France. We got back in touch for the FD2017 and he was even more enthusiastic than last year to be a partner of our event. He’s offering a double dose of chain wax for double de participants! And he will be with us at the finishers party on Saturday 19th of August. He also wanted to share his thoughts and feelings with an open letter to all riders, plus a few tips on how to use their product T9. Scroll down to read his words.

Open letter from the Boeshield team to all French Divide 2017 riders.


Dear competitor,

Firstly, we would like to congratulate you for participation in this amazing adventure! You are an inspiration to many, me included!

We are happy to offer you one tube of Boeshield T9 lubricant.

Boeshield T9 is designed to protect your chain longer than most other lubricants which makes it the ideal lubricant for your adventure.  

Some application information for you to know before you first test Boeshield T9.

  • Clean the chain, degrease the chain completely.
  • Apply T9 on the desired parts, chain, cassette & plateau …
  • Let the product sit on the chain for at least 2 hours, overnight is even better.
  • Wipe down the chain with a clean cloth, this wipes off all the excess solvents.
  • Jump on your bike and feel the smoothness of changing gears with Boeshield T9.

I hope to see you all in Mendionde on the 19th of August.

Until then, keep those wheels rolling.

The Boeshield T9 team.

Click here to read the full flyer in PDF